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  • 2. Zero hunger

  • Authors: 
    Ruoyu Sun; Jeroen E. Sonke; Lars-Eric Heimbürger; Harvey E. Belkin; Guijian Liu; Debasish Shome; Ewa Cukrowska; Catherine Liousse; Oleg S. Pokrovsky; David G. Streets;
    Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS)
    Country: France

    Mercury (Hg) emissions from coal combustion contribute approximately half of anthropogenic Hg emissions to the atmosphere. With the implementation of the first legally binding UNEP treaty aimed at reducing anthropogenic Hg emissions, the identification and traceability ...

  • Closed Access
    Ruchi Lamba; Sudipta Sarkar; Surendra Kumar;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV

    Abstract Decanoic acid, found in naturally occurring coconut and palm kernel oils, and in genetically modified cuphea plant species, is gaining increasing importance as platform chemical for the development of many useful products. Although perceived to be an important ...

  • Closed Access
    Carla Freitas de Andrade; Fernanda Rocha Veiga; Marcus Vinicius Silveira Macedo; Lindenberg Ferreira dos Santos; Paulo Alexandre Costa Rocha; Kevin Santos Guedes;
    Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    In this work a Cuckoo Search (CS) applicability study was carried out using the methodology described by Yang and Deb (2009) in the optimization of Weibull curves, being implemented from an algorithm written in programming language R. The real velocity data were obtaine...

  • Closed Access
    Tara Slough; Johannes Urpelainen; Joonseok Yang;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV

    Abstract In an ideal world, rural electrification would serve the goal of socio-economic development. Improved electricity access can power rural industries, enhance agricultural productivity, and provide households with more productive time for study and work at night....

  • Publication . Part of book or chapter of book . 2015
    Antonio Attili; Fabrizio Bisetti; Michael E. Mueller; Heinz Pitsch;
    Publisher: Springer International Publishing

    Soot particles are formed during rich combustion of fossil fuels in technical devices such as internal combustion

  • Open Access
    Nurul Huda Abdul Halim; Nurul Auni Zainal Abidin; Ropisah Me;
    Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.

    Sources of natural antioxidants are primarily plant phenolics, which may occur in all parts of the plants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, leaves, roots, and barks. Interest has considerably increased in finding naturally occurring chemical constituents for use ...

  • Closed Access
    Fernando Buendía; Marcela R. Beltrán;
    Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC

    Theoretical evidence is presented for the molecular and dissociative adsorption of O2 on free Au n Rh neutral, anionic and cationic clusters with 1 to 5 gold atoms, indicating that the stabilization of the activated di-oxygen species is a key factor for the unusual cata...

  • Open Access English
    Antsje Nolles; Ellard Hooiveld; Adrie H. Westphal; Willem J. H. van Berkel; J. Mieke Kleijn; Jan Willem Borst;
    Publisher: American Chemical Society
    Country: Netherlands

    The encapsulation of proteins into complex coacervate core micelles (C3Ms) is of potential interest for a wide range of applications. To address the stability and dynamic properties of these polyelectrolyte complexes, combinations of cyan, yellow, and blue fluorescent p...

  • Authors: 
    Amin Masoumzadeh; Ehsan Nekouei; Tansu Alpcan;
    Publisher: IEEE

    Closure of a base-load power plant, based on either its aging state, or a national greenhouse reduction scheme, or transition to smart grids, may have a significant impact on wholesale electricity markets. This paper presents a Cournot-based multi-region game model base...

  • Publication . Article . 2014
    C. Baltay;
    Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt

    The recent discovery by Riess et al.1 and Perlmutter et al.2 that the expansion of the universe is accelerating is one of the most significant discoveries in cosmology in the last few decades. To explain this acceleration a mysterious new component of the universe, dar...