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  • Open Access English
    Monica T. Rother; Thomas T. Veblen;
    Publisher: Wiley
    Project: NSF | Doctoral Dissertation Res... (1232997), NSF | PIRE: Wildfire feedbacks ... (0966472)

    Abstract In recent years, increased wildfire activity and climate change have raised concern among scientists and land managers regarding current and future vegetation patterns in post‐burn landscapes. We surveyed conifer regeneration 8–15 years after fire in six burn a...

  • Open Access
    Amit Munshi; Jason M. Kephart; Ali Abbas; Adam Danielson; Guillaume Gḗlinas; Jean-Nicolas Beaudry; Kurt L. Barth; John M. Walls; Walajabad S. Sampath;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Project: NSF | PFI:AIR-RA: Advanced Thin... (1538733)

    The effects of the CdCl2passivation treatment on thin-film CdTe photovoltaic films and devices have been extensively studied. Recently, with an addition of CdSeTe layer at the front of the absorber layer, device conversion efficiencies in excess of 19% have been demonst...

  • Publication . Article . Preprint . 2014
    Open Access
    Giuseppe Pica; Gary Wolfowicz; Matias Urdampilleta; Mike L. W. Thewalt; Helge Riemann; Nikolai V. Abrosimov; Peter B. Becker; Hans-Joachim Pohl; John J. L. Morton; Ravindra N. Bhatt; +2 more
    Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)
    Country: United Kingdom
    Project: UKRI | Entangling dopant nuclear... (EP/K025562/1), NSF | Princeton Center for Comp... (0819860), EC | ASCENT (279781), NSF | Materials World Network: ... (1107606)

    We present a complete theoretical treatment of Stark effects in doped silicon, whose predictions are supported by experimental measurements. A multi-valley effective mass theory, dealing non-perturbatively with valley-orbit interactions induced by a donor-dependent cent...

  • Open Access English
    P. Crumley; Damiano Caprioli; Sera Markoff; Anatoly Spitkovsky;
    Country: Netherlands
    Project: NSF | Kinetic and Multiscale Si... (1517638)

    We use fully kinetic particle-in-cell simulations with unprecedentedly large transverse box sizes to study particle acceleration in weakly-magnetized mildly relativistic shocks traveling at a velocity $\approx 0.75c$ and a Mach number of 15. We examine both subluminal (...

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    Majid Moradi-Aliabadi; Yinlun Huang;
    Publisher: American Chemical Society (ACS)
    Project: NSF | EAGER: Fundamental Study ... (1434277)

    Chemical process sustainability is mainly concerned with energy and material efficiency, productivity and product quality, waste reduction, process safety, heath impact, etc. Due to these multiple factors as well as information and data uncertainty, development of optim...

  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2007
    Open Access English
    Mikhail A. Karymov; Alexey V. Krasnoslobodtsev; Yuri L. Lyubchenko;
    Publisher: Biophysical Society
    Project: NSF | Single Molecule Studies o... (0615590), NIH | LOCAL AND GLOBAL STRUCTUR... (5R01GM062235-03)

    AbstractA single-molecule analysis was applied to study the dynamics of synaptic and presynaptic DNA-protein complexes (binding of two DNA and one DNA duplex, respectively). In the approach used in this study, the protein was tethered to a surface, allowing a freely dif...

  • Open Access English
    Solomon Z. Dobrowski; Sean A. Parks;
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Project: NSF | Quantifying Risk of Tree ... (1461576), NSF | Collaborative Research: H... (1145985)

    Climate change velocity is a vector depiction of the rate of climate displacement used for assessing climate change impacts. Interpreting velocity requires an assumption that climate trajectory length is proportional to climate change exposure; longer paths suggest grea...

  • Open Access
    Ganhui Lan; Sean X. Sun;
    Publisher: Elsevier BV
    Project: NSF | SGER: Molecular Origins o... (0514749), NSF | CAREER:Molecular Origins ... (0547041)

    AbstractMyosin-VI is a dimeric isoform of unconventional myosins. Single molecule experiments indicate that myosin-VI and myosin-V are processive molecular motors, but travel toward opposite ends of filamentous actin. Structural studies show several differences between ...

  • Publication . Article . Preprint . 2019 . Embargo End Date: 01 Jan 2019
    Open Access
    S. E. Gossan; Jim Fuller; Luke F. Roberts;
    Publisher: arXiv
    Country: United States
    Project: NSF | Kavli Institute for Theor... (1748958)

    Our understanding of the core-collapse supernova explosion mechanism is incomplete. While the favoured scenario is delayed revival of the stalled shock by neutrino heating, it is difficult to reliably compute explosion outcomes and energies, which depend sensitively on ...

  • Open Access English
    P. S. Cowperthwaite; E. Berger; V. A. Villar; B. D. Metzger; M. Nicholl; R. Chornock; P. K. Blanchard; W. Fong; R. Margutti; M. Soares-Santos; +134 more
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Countries: United Kingdom, France, United States, United Kingdom
    Project: NSF | Gamma-Ray Bursts: Physics... (1714498), EC | CLUSTERS (335936), NSF | The Progenitors and Explo... (1518052), NSF | Graduate Research Fellows... (1144152), NSF | Gamma-Ray Bursts: From Pr... (1411763), NSF | Gravitational Wave Physic... (1707954)

    We present UV, optical, and NIR photometry of the first electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational wave source from Advanced LIGO/Virgo, the binary neutron star merger GW170817. Our data set extends from the discovery of the optical counterpart at $0.47$ days to $18...